Monday, September 10, 2007

My brother and SIL (yes, THAT brother and SIL) recently announced that they're expecting another baby. It was nice to greet that news with genuine happiness and not a months-long meltdown, I have to say.

Sometimes little things still nag at me. On Father's Day when they made their announcement at dinner with my dad and his family, we got in a discussion of all the babies born recently and how they've all been girls. We have Eleanor; my brother and SIL have Emma; my stepbrother and his wife have a two-year-old daughter. My dad said something like, "Well V [a cousin] has two boys, but she's the only one so far."

I said, "Well, we had a boy."


It felt like it went on forever, but it was probably only a couple of seconds; then my dad recovered himself and said, "That's right, you did." And the conversation moved on. But that kind of sucked. I don't go through every day thinking about Joseph constantly any more, and I don't expect anyone else to, either, but I had the sense my dad had completely forgotten.