Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Day One

I got my period today. My luteal phase was only 8 days so it doesn't matter how good our timing was, that's just not long enough to sustain any pregnancy that might have happened.

Last month it was 7 days. I'm really hoping I don't have a big problem with this. I've been trying to find information about short luteal phase postpartum, but everything I've found only mentions that it happens while breastfeeding. Well, I'm not breastfeeding, dammit.

I don't even care so much that I'm not pregnant this month because I knew we couldn't be so lucky as to have it happen on the first try again. But I do care about this luteal phase thing. I know I sound silly and selfish when some people have problems getting pregnant at all and I got pregnant easily and had an easy pregnancy. But I'm not supposed to be worrying about this right now. I'm supposed to have a four-month-old. I'm supposed to be tired because he kept me up last night. I'm supposed to be adjusting to being back at work for about a month.

Part of me had also sort of hoped I'd be pregnant this cycle because next weekend I have to be at a family event with a) my pregnant sister-in-law, b) my pregnant cousin, and c) my stepbrother and his fiancee and their newborn. I wouldn't have told anyone if I was pregnant, but being able to think about it would have gotten me through it.


At Wednesday, September 21, 2005 3:05:00 PM, Blogger cat said...

Damn that this cycle didn't work out. My luteal phase was funky after all three miscarriages. This is different than your situation but I'm hoping that it works itself out over a cycle or two.

At Wednesday, September 21, 2005 3:16:00 PM, Blogger vixanne wigg said...

I had a short luteal phase too after our loss. I went to an RE who prescribed me progesterone. I have no idea if I really needed it or not, but I did get pregnant that cycle. Perhaps it's worth a shot. I don't think it can hurt anything.

At Wednesday, September 21, 2005 3:17:00 PM, Blogger vixanne wigg said...

Plus, they can also check your prolactin levels (which I think is why the breastfeeding can cause this). It was very easy...just a simple blood test.

At Wednesday, September 21, 2005 7:47:00 PM, Blogger gabesmama said...

I don't know about luteal phases. I'm sorry that you didn't have luck but I'm sure you are just itching to try again this month.

At Wednesday, September 21, 2005 9:06:00 PM, Blogger Bronwyn said...

I'm so sorry this cycle didn't work out. It really sucks that after everything you have to deal with "short luteal phases". Hoping that things change soon, with or without medical intervention.

At Thursday, September 22, 2005 2:25:00 AM, Blogger Mrs.X said...

It most likely would work itself out over a cycle or 2, but if you don't want to wait that long or just want to be sure, your Dr is a phone call away. Make him earn that money :)
I was hoping for you too. I'll keep hoping for the next time. (((nk)))

At Thursday, September 22, 2005 10:39:00 AM, Blogger Sarah said...

I was wondering about your prolactin levels still being elevated too...but at least that is something that will go down with a little more time hopefully, and not indicate a serious problem. I know I can still squeeze some liquid out of my breasts and its been 3 months. So i assume that means my prolactin isn't back to zero (or non-pregnant levels).

Hope your cycle works better next month!!

And thanks for letting me know i'm not the only one wondering if others got pregnant right after our respective losses.


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