Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Temp went up a whopping .1 degree this morning. Woo hoo. Not. I guess my body was gearing up to ovulate and didn't quite make it. Oh well.

Anyway, I don't want this blog to be all about the vagaries of my chart. I'm still figuring this stuff out.

I got a raise today! They redid the salary structure for my entire office, so I wound up with almost a 9% raise. At a university, that's no joke. I think the biggest raise I've ever gotten here was 4.5%. (When I worked at The Shitty College That Shall Not Be Named in 2002, I got a 1.5% raise once. Gotta love academia.)

My job's OK, but I don't know how much longer we'll be here. Another reason I wanted a more anonymous journal than I had before was because we have a secret...we're thinking seriously about selling our house and moving back to Long Island, where I grew up. I have to laugh when I think about this, since I've spent the last 12 or so years swearing first that I couldn't wait to leave and then that I'd never go back. I had this idea that I couldn't be independent unless I lived far away from my family.

But after we lost J., all the reasons we never wanted to live there seemed petty. Suddenly having family close by, where they could help and support us not only in the bad times, but in the good ones, seems so much more important. And Long Island has other important things for both of us - we know people there besides my family, it's got the same career/cultural opportunities, if not more, than Boston does because of its proximity to NYC...there just don't seem to be many reasons NOT to move.

We're just trying to figure out when to do it. Part of me thinks it makes more sense to try to move first before we start TTC again, but then I have no idea when we'll start/how long it will take. It could happen sooner rather than later, and then I'd be stuck trying to find a new job while pregnant. So we may wait until whenever it is that we have another child, and then do it. In the meantime, I pretty much have to stay where I am job-wise, since it wouldn't be good to switch and then switch again in a year or so.

Too many decisions...


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